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Why is the price buyer paid for shipping less than... - The eBay ...

When I set up my auctions, I used Calculated Shipping. I put in the actual weight and correct size of the box, and put the service as Priority Mail.

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Shipping cost more than expected - What to do? - The eBay ...

Ebay is now saying that it is $0.12 more expensive to ship in the method (and timeframe) the buyer is expecting. Or, it is $0.02 cheaper to ship with Media Mail ...

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High Shipping Costs Killing My Sales! - The eBay Community

Years ago, when UPS, USPS and FedEx were too expensive to certain ... For a large majority of my items, shipping costs way more than the item sale price.

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ebay charged me more for shipping than buyer paid - The ...

This is the second time this has happened to one of my ebay sales: A buyer paid for their item but the shipping label lists the shipping cost more.

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Why are Ebay's international shipping rates so exp... - The ...

Ebay's system for figuring out shipping costs from the US to Canada has made shopping at Ebay prohibitively expensive. I wanted to buy a $5 item from.

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Why are shipping and some prices so high? - The eBay ...

Maybe the high shipping is why I see so many things with no bids. And why do some sellers ... Shipping is very expensive now. The only break is in shipping ...

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Seller trying to charge more after sale. - The eBay Community

Today I got a message from the seller, "The shipping amount paid for this item is incorrect and the actual cost is $68 to ship USPS Parcel Select. This is the ...

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Solved: Shipping costs way more than expected - The eBay ...

Item sold a few days ago and the buyer paid $20 in shipping. I used the ebay label creation process with USPS. The total shipping cost was $36. So I had to pay ...

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Solved: okay im new seller here on ebay and im bought to already just close this up cause its not worth it to me at this point. I sold an item for.

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Why is shipping commonly quite expensive on eBay? - Quora

In many cases you are buying an item on ebay because you can't find it anywhere else. So if that item is rare and bought at a true market value then you want to ...8 answers

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Solved: a seller charged $3.75 more for shipping than what ...

eBay Policy and Seller Training Videos are clear that Sellers can only charge Buyers the actual shipping cost paid by the seller to the Shipper that delivers the ...

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Why eBay's Shipping Is So Expensive, And What You Can Do ...

Jun 22, 2019 - My finger slipped again on eBay, haha! Over the past few years, I noticed that shipping has become exponentially more expensive and never ...

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Search Displays More Expensive Shipping Option - The eBay ...

Solved: I'm in North Carolina and most of my packages average around 2-5 pounds. My average shipping cost is around $7. Most of my sales, so far.

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Avoid Extra Postage Costs - eBay

Here's how you can avoid extra charges after you ship. ... Incorrect information was entered on your shipping label, such as package weight and dimensions ...

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Solved: Shipping cost Seller more than he expected. What s ...

Should I apologize to him that it cost more to ship here, or is it on him for ... Just Google "UPS shipping calculator wrong" or "ebay shipping cost more ... shipping other than to say he should consider it an expensive lesson learned the hard way.

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Shipping costs more than buyer paid - The eBay Community

Hello- I sold a heavy item and the shipping cost 3x what the buyer paid. It also is going a very far distance which is making the shipping cost more.

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Maximum shipping costs | eBay

You can offer multiple shipping options, such as expedited, overnight, or flat rate freight, including options that are more expensive than the maximum shipping ...

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New USPS Shipping Costs: eBay Labels can be more ... - The ...

Both include tracking so a seller is protected in both cases. What gives? It seems like in this case it is more expensive to print your labels through eBay than to go ...

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Shipping is more than item sold for - The eBay Community

How can I offer free shipping on items that are less than $5.00? By the tipe eBay and PayPal take their cut, to the price of shipping the item, I'm.

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Why does eBay allow ridiculously high shipping cos... - The ...

There is absolutely NO WAY this should cost more than $30.00 to ship from ... is actually the most expensive on on eBay (when shipping price is considered).

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