Buyer Not Responding To Counter Offer Ebay

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Notification of seller's counter offer declined? - The eBay ...

I had a offer today to which I counter offered, how do I know if the buyer rejected the offer or if they have not seen it yet?

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Best offer-declining a seller's counteroffer - The eBay ...

If ths seller lists the item ar a certain price "or best offer", and we make an offer for it, and the seller makes a counteroffer, and we.

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Is it OK to block a buyer or decline an offer if y... - The eBay ...

Sellers, do any of you block a buyer or decline a best offer if you have a hunch that the buyer might be a scammer ... I thought about sending a counteroffer.

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How do you accept a declined counter offer? - The eBay ...

Somehow I have declined a counter offer I wanted to accept. ... Contact your buyer, explain what happened and ask them to resubmit their offer a penny higher.

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can i retract my counteroffer and accept the buyer... - The eBay ...

Buyer's offer was declined as soon as you counteroffered. You can email the buyer and tell them you're willing to accept their offer if they will send it through again ...

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Declining a "Best offer" - Give an explanation or ... - The eBay ...

This (the counteroffer) is the best I can do. Thank you for your interest" In some cases the potential buyer has come back and accepted my counter, in others I ...

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Solved: Declining a Counter Offer - The eBay Community

Solved: If a buyer declines a seller's counter offer is the buyer bound to the ... Site maps are at the bottom of most eBay pages & are a good tool for buyers ...

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Solved: Is Offer Dead if Counteroffer Declined? - The eBay ...

Whenever a counteroffer is made by either the seller or buyer the original offer is void. The only way to get back to it is to offer it again and have it accepted.

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If I reject a buyer's counter counter offer, could... - The eBay ...

Best offer listing, item price $19.50; buyer first offer $10; my counter offer $16.50; buyer counter ... No, they already rejected it when they countered it at $12.

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Declining counter offers - The eBay Community

I would like to know why a seasoned eNay buyer would send an email to say he's not interested as opposed to decline the counter offer. This makes nonsense ...

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Received a counteroffer, but I don't want the item... - The eBay ...

The Seller responded with a counteroffer. What happens if I decline the counteroffer? Is the sale closed? What if I. ... Buying Q&A. Community, This category ...

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if I counteroffer to the buyer and he rejects it, ... - The eBay ...

If a buyer declines your counter, you can always write them directly inviting another offer at their original price with a promise to accept it. Up to them at that point.

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Solved: Counteroffer declined - The eBay Community

Send the buyer an e-mail & ask them if they would like to purchase the item at the original offer. Click on the buyer's nickname to do this. Man Happy.

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How to accept offer previously declined - The eBay Community

Is it possible to accept an offer previously declined for which a counter offer was submit? A buyer made me an offer which I countered, buyer did not.

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Declined Counter Offer - The eBay Community

I countered a best offer and the buyer declined. Now I'm sorry I didn't accept the offer, sales are so hard to get for me. The offer did meet some of.

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What happens if i decline an counter offer from a ... - The eBay ...

I made an offer for something, he counter offered. I wasn't quite ... Buying Q&A. Community ... What will happen if I click the option to decline the offer?? 0 Helpful.

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Adding Best Offer to your listing and sending offers to buyers ...

After a buyer makes an offer, you can choose to accept, decline, or make a counteroffer. ... best offer option to your eBay listings, you're inviting buyers to negotiate with you. ... The buyer can submit a higher bid or you can send a counteroffer.

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Counteroffers | eBay

If you made a Best Offer on a Buy It Now listing, the seller may come back to you with a counteroffer ... Are you a seller looking to make a counteroffer to a buyer?

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why can't I decline a counteroffer from the seller... - The eBay ...

I made an offer on a item and the seller declined and made a counteroffer. I want to decline the counteroffer ... Archive Buyer Central. Community, This category ...

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Buyer declines best offer...then buys the item at ... - The eBay ...

They decline my counter offer and immediately buy the item at my full asking price! Now I am not complaining but it seems rather odd that a buyer would want to ...

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