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Working with JavaScript, Flash & CSS3

2011 HOW Interactive Design Conference

By Matthew Richmond

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Matthew Richmond is a designer AND a coder, and in this presentation he expresses the opinion that sometimes it's okay for designers to code! In fact, sometimes it can make your interactive designs better. Working with JavaScript, Flash and CSS3 gives you even more control over how your design appears when it finally launches. It also allows you to troubleshoot your own problems, rather than compromising for a less attractive option when something goes wrong. Find out how designers can make friends with code and how it can benefit everyone.

In This Presentation You'll Learn:

  • What JavaScript is and how it works
  • Whether Flash is really dead, and what that means for designers
  • How designers can leverage CSS3 to work more efficiently

So in this presentation, Matthew Richmond of The Chopping Block demystifies the seemingly complex world of JavaScript, Flash and CSS3. You'll learn core concepts to help you get comfortable with these key tools for interactive designers.

Click the video below for a preview of Working with JavaScript, Flash & CSS3 with Matthew Richmond. Instantly stream this tutorial and hundreds more on your computer at Design TV now!

SKU V7624
Additional Feature This video recording is from HOW Interactive Design Conference 2011. Click here to find recordings of all presentations from HOW Interactive Design Conference, or visit Design TV to instantly stream this content on your computer.
Author/Speaker/Editor Matthew Richmond
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Working with JavaScript, Flash & CSS3: How Designers Can Learn to Code

  • Working with JavaScript, Flash & CSS3: How Designers Can Learn to Code

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