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Typography Now: Everything You Need to Know About Fonts - OnDemand Design Webcast

Web Typography and More

By Ilene Strizver

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You'll Love This Series If:

  • You want to learn the ins and outs of OpenType and TrueType fonts
  • You need help mastering typography for the web
  • You love typography

Join Ilene Strizver in this 3-part HOW Learning Series as she explains, demystifies and demonstrates the latest technology in modern font formats, designing with type on the Web, and the opportunities and benefits for using Web fonts.

PART 1 - OpenType Demystified

What's on your wish list for the font of the future? Room for more characters, including small caps, old style figures, swashes and ligatures, and maybe even some ornaments? Perhaps a font format that works on both a Mac and a PC? Maybe even a font with a brain that knows when to use beginning and ending swashes, and other case-sensitive characters? Well, brace yourself, because the future is NOW!

In Part 1 You'll learn:

  • What exactly is OpenType
  • How OpenType differs from Type1 and TrueType
  • What are the extra features of an OpenType font
  • How to access them
  • Availability of OpenType fonts

PART 2 - Type on the Web

In today's world, a Web presence is as important as a business card and an email address. But designing a web site has different typographic requirements, characteristics, and limitations than print. Join Ilene Strizver as she talks about what you need to know about designing with type on the Web.

In Part 2 You'll Learn:

  • Web-safe fonts explained
  • What you see is what you get...or is it?
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Type as image

PART 3 - Web Fonts

Until recently, Web site designers have had basically only two options for displaying type on the Web: the use of Web-safe fonts that are common to most Mac® and PC operating systems, or to use type as image. But the days of being limited to the same 'ol Web-safe fonts are over. Web fonts (not to be confused with Web-safe fonts) are available from a variety of Web font services, and are specially-developed fonts that can be used to display real text on a Web page.

In Part 3 You'll Learn:

  • What exactly are Web fonts
  • Where to find and how to use Web fonts
  • Web fonts features and benefits
  • Limitations of Web fonts
  • Exciting examples of sites using Web fonts

About the Speaker:
Ilene Strizver, founder of The Type Studio, is a typographic consultant, designer, writer and educator specializing in all aspect of visual communication, from the æsthetic to the technical. Ilene formerly was the Director of Typeface Development for International Typeface Corporation (ITC) where she developed more than 300 notable text and display typefaces.

She writes the popular column, fy(t)i For Your Typographic Information for, as well as TypeTalk for Her recent book, Type Rules! The designer's guide to professional typography, 3rd edition, has received numerous accolades from the type and design community. She conducts her widely acclaimed Gourmet Typography Workshops internationally.

SKU W1963
Author/Speaker/Editor Ilene Strizver
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Duration: 1 hour
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Everything You Need to Know About Fonts

  • Everything You Need to Know About Fonts

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