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Print Master Class: The Value of Creativity in Creating and Managing a Brand - OnDemand Design Webcast

A DesignCast with Interbrand's Global Chief Creative Officer

By Andy Payne

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Our world is moving faster than ever before. As brands have long been crucial change agents, creating choice and generating loyalty, never before have we needed them to help us better understand our world and ourselves in relation to others. In this MasterClass Andy Payne, Interbrand Chief Global Creative Officer reveals and defines the essential pillars of building a strong brand, and discusses the vital role of creativity in creating and managing brand value.

Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of what exactly "brand value" means and its significance upon brand mangers and consumers, understand how today's brands need to become living and evolving assets, and how organizations of any size can instill a core set of principles that have helped to build some of the world's most influential and global brands.

Specifically, Andy will discuss how brands create value (both financially and personally) and he will offer 7 key principles that define and reside at the heart of world changing brands like Apple, Virgin, Nike, Google, and many others.
  • Clarity – The brand's values, positioning, and proposition must be clearly articulated and shared across the organization, along with a clear view of its target audiences, customer insights and drivers. It is vital that those within the organization know and understand all these elements, because everything that follows hinges on them.
  • Relevance – estimates how well a brand fits with customer needs, desires and decision criteria across all appropriate demographics and geographies.
  • Understanding – an in-depth understanding of the brands distinctive qualities and characteristics, as well as those of the brand owner.
  • Differentiation – the degree to which customers perceive the brand to have a positioning that is distinct from the competition.
  • Presence – measures the degree to which brands feels omnipresent and how positively consumers, customers and opinion formers discuss it in both traditional and social media.
  • Consistency – measures the degree to which a brand is experienced without fail across all touchpoints and formats. Explain how in recent years this has become more complicated - as brands continue to expand across markets, they feel pressure to adapt locally, but this doesn't have to lead to inconsistency.
  • Responsiveness – This component looks at a brand's ability to adapt to market changes, challenges and opportunities. The brand should have a desire and ability to constantly evolve and renew itself.

About Andy Payne
Andy Payne is the Global Chief Creative Officer of Interbrand. He manages, enhances, and develops Interbrand's creative global offering.

He joined Interbrand in 1994 and quickly established a track record for great success. Andy has worked on some of the firm's most prestigious projects and has experience in a diverse range of industries.

Prior to Interbrand, he was a founding member of Saatchi & Saatchi Design, working on accounts such as BP, Toyota, Lexus, ICI and Swatch. He left in 1991 to travel the world, stopping off in Australia to work with Oral B, Westpac Banking Corporation, and Cathay Pacific.

He graduated from the University of Central England with a degree in visual communication.

About Interbrand
Founded in 1974, Interbrand is recognized for being at the forefront of the dialogue on brands as business assets. Today, Interbrand is amongst the largest brand consultancies and has grown to include 40 offices in 25 countries. The combination of rigorous strategy and analytics with world-class design creativity help its clients create and manage brand value in all market dynamics. It is widely respected for its annual study, The Best Global Brands, and creating a broader platform for the discussion on brands in the Webby-award winning website

SKU W8863
Author/Speaker/Editor Andy Payne
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