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Typography for the People eBook

Hand-Painted Signs from Around the World

By Daniel Bellon & Klaus Bellon

Format: eBook

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Vernacular messages are ubiquitous, and that very fact makes them hard to notice. But if you really look, you’ll begin to see plain-talking, hand-crafted and hand-lettered messages everywhere. Look for them on side streets and bulletin boards. There you can see the vernacular messages of the person having a garage sale, the business owner, or the kid who’s lost a pet.

These people are trying to solve the same communication problem that professionals face. How can I make my message clear? How can I get people to pay attention? But their approaches can be wildly different. The most interesting ones gallop off in unexpected directions. They are bold, vigorous, innocent, charming, crude, witty, innovative or shocking. Still, they manage to be clear and capture our attention.

Inside the Typography for the People eBook You'll Find:

  • Gorgeous hand drawn fonts
  • Directional, Open for Business, FYI, and Pay Attention signs
  • Numbers
  • And more!

This book is full of such examples. Studying them can lead you to more interesting design solutions. They suggest new ways to organize content, command attention, create surprising juxtapositions, exploit materials and deliver a message—all with almost no budget. In a few cases, the examples instruct by showing what to avoid. Beyond all that, there’s a broader message. Vernacular designs like these remind us that design and clear communication are bigger than any profession can contain. As Tibor Kalman and Kerrie Jacobs wrote in Print in 1990, “The vernacular is designed as if design were a regular thing to do, and not the sacred mission of an elite professional class.”

SKU Y0805
Author/Speaker/Editor Daniel Bellon & Klaus Bellon
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Format eBook
ISBN 13 9781440309427

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