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The Strategic Designer

Tools & Techniques for Managing the Design Process

By David Holston

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Design is no longer only about color, type and image. The industry is in the middle of a major transition to the idea of big design thinking. To stay viable in the future, designers must improve their strategy skills right now. The Strategic Designer is written to help you do exactly that, with clear advice and helpful case studies.

In The Strategic Web Designer you'll learn how to:


  • Think through business and design problems rationally
  • Use your own standard process to solve problems
  • Build stronger relationships with your clients
  • Improve your reputation with clients
  • Increase your project success rate
  • Become more efficient and more creative

Containing interviews with some of the most respected names in design (Dave Mason, TimLarson, Stefan Bucher, Ellen Shapiro and more), The Strategic Designer helps creatives become experts in strategy, not just design. By adopting a process that includes collaboration, context and accountability, designers become strategists rather than just makers of things.

What people are saying


“Right off the bat, the book talks about what a prospective client needs from a designer, and it is much more than Design. Most all of us know this, but David seems to be very good at explaining exactly why, and giving examples. As more and more people get involved with design, professionals need to find a way to show their continued value to prospective clients. This book covers quite a few examples of what a designer should know, and its that dreaded "business" word, but its the truth.

"The book would be worth its price and more with just the above info, but David also goes into detail about Design Strategy, and the many ways you can go about going from research, to concept, to finishedproduct and enjoy your collaboration with clients at the same time. Most seasoned designers will know much of the information in this book, but its more of a smack of reality that the time is now to get serious about the entire Process of Design and Business as a designer.”—Andrew Staple

Author/Speaker/Editor David Holston
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