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The Creative Professional's Guide to Money

How to think about it. How to talk about it. How to manage it.

By Ilise Benun

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You'll Love This Book If:

  • You run your own design business or work as a freelancer
  • You're a creative professional that needs to talk money in your daily work
  • You have trouble talking money with clients and want to learn the best ways to do it

Not only is there much misinformation regarding money and apprehension in dealing with it, but it's also a subject that is mostly taboo. People working in creative fields don't talk about it and are afraid to reveal their ignorance or share their secrets with potential competitors. As a result, they may not know how to handle money or what financial techniques will help them succeed. The Creative Professional's Guide to Moneyprovides a collection of tools and ideas that will address financial questions common to many creatives.

In The Creative Professional's Guide to Money You'll Learn How To:

  • Avoid typical financial mistakes many small business owners make
  • Talk easily about money with clients and prospects
  • Determine what to charge for your work
  • Position your price to avoid sticker-shock
  • Handle proposals, RFPs and contracts with confidence
  • How to create a budget and adhere to it
  • Create a budget, adhere to it and perform day-to-day accounting tasks
  • Track the essential numbers to anticipate (and prevent) a cash crunch
  • Set long-term financial goals and plan for a prosperous retirement

Whether you are a full-time freelancer, an agency owner, a moonlighter or an aspiring entrepreneur, this book will teach you everything you need to know about conquering the financial side of a creative business.

What People Are Saying

"I recently bought The Creative Professional's Guide to Money. First off, I just want to say, thank you! It's an incredible resource. By far the best business book I've bought so far (and there have been a lot!). I keep it on my desk and refer to it all the time. Especially before getting on a call with a potential client to discuss contracts! And yes, I have been recommending it to other solopreneur friends."-Mara Lubell,

Author/Speaker/Editor Ilise Benun
Number Of Pages 240
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