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Strengthen Your Business Bootcamp - OnDemand Design Webcast Series

A Graphic Design Business Plan

By Marcia Hoeck

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Design-firm-owner-turned-business-coach Marcia Hoeck presents a 3-part series designed to help you, as a creative business owner, get a firm grasp on the top three areas needed to get your business supporting you, instead of you supporting it — and they're not what you think.

This HOW Learning Series is based on Marcia's own successful 25-year design firm experience and her recent work coaching entrepreneurs, which has led her to believe in the power of laying a strong foundation of purpose, confidence, and value. We'll examine the basics of plotting a course for your business based on a solid purpose, taking control of overwhelm and getting unstuck so you can project the right kind of client-attractive confidence, and being able to talk about what really makes you different and valuable to clients so they'll choose you over the other guy.

Marcia brings her uncomplicated style to this series, and presents her strategies in simple, interesting, and accessible terms. The difficult and scary parts have been removed or transformed, so you'll actually want to do the work she recommends.

Part 1: Build a Rock-Solid Vision

In this session you'll learn:

  • How to take a look at where you are now — what to measure, and how to document it
  • The best way to determine where you want to go with your business
  • The 3 Phases of a Small Business, and where you fit into the spectrum
  • How knowing your "Big What" helps you get where you want to go
  • The power your "Big Why" can have to propel your business

Part 2: Cultivate Steady Confidence

In this session you'll learn:

  • The different kinds of business confidence and why it's critical for you to be strong in the right areas
  • How limiting beliefs and habits can kill your confidence in sneaky ways you probably don't recognize, and what to do about it
  • How overwhelm can affect confidence, and how to get out of it
  • Baby steps to increase your confidence for lasting positive affects
  • How to regain power you may be giving away by not authentically owning your worth

Part 3: Communicate Your Difference

In this session you'll learn:

  • How your driving forces, your "Big What" and your "Big Why," can help to differentiate you
  • How having a "Big Idea" can make you stand out
  • How the depth of your client understanding can be a powerful differentiator
  • How to "use" your best clients to understand your strengths and help attract more clients like them — while making them feel good about you
  • How to use sneaky brain tricks to get differentiating information out of your own head — your brain knows more about what makes you different than it's letting on. You just need to figure out how to access the information.
  • How to talk about what makes you different in interesting ways so clients can "hear" you — without using stuffy corporate-speak or boring your clients with a memorized elevator speech

About Marcia Hoeck

For over 25 years, as owner of Hoeck Associates, Inc., a leading marketing communications firm in Toledo, Ohio, Marcia Hoeck lived what she now teaches.

Because of her "quirks" (only recently identified as ADHD tendencies), Marcia found the business aspects of her work daunting. Out of necessity, survival, and in order to understand, she developed simple methods to take the complexity out of the way her business ran. The results: a terrific team of people who stayed long term, profitable clients who came back year after year, a very manageable lighter-than-average workload, and a business with great flexibility.

After selling the assets of her marketing communications firm in 2009, Marcia turned her attention to helping make business easy for other creative business owners through coaching and consulting. She often speaks in person and on teleclasses and webinars on business building topics.

Marcia shares her home with an amazing bichon, Amazing Grace, and a miniature long-haired dachshund, Liesl Diesel Weasel Bezo, who needs a long name. She won her husband's heart by juggling, and in the fourth grade, was Hula Hoop Queen of the whole block.

SKU W5950
Author/Speaker/Editor Marcia Hoeck
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Each session is available for $69/individual session or $99 for the entire 3-part Learning Series. OnDemand recordings of each session will be available after each event. To purchase individual sessions, click links below:
Part 1: Build a Rock Solid Vision, OnDemand DesignCast
Part 2: Cultivate Steady confidence, OnDemand DesignCast
Part 3: Communicate Your Difference, OnDemand DesignCast

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