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Saboteurs and Saviors: Managing Creative Team Dynamics - OnDemand Design Tutorial

By Ed Roberts

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Everyone is on their best behavior when interviewing for a job. Portfolios, clothing selections and just about every statement from both the interviewer and the interviewee are carefully curated to perfection. It makes it really tough—on the front end of an interview—for anyone to personally determine the best fit for a creative team. It’s not until six months after the acceptance of an employment offer and numerous projects that the glow of newness wears off and the façade of perfection begins to crumble, revealing the naked truth—you’re working with a saboteur or a savior.

In this one-hour follow-up webinar to “Supercharge Your In-house Team,” Creative Director and HOW magazine contributor Ed Roberts will examine in more detail the effects collaborating with saboteurs and saviors have on creative team dynamics. He’ll delve deeper into the mastery of effective communication and conflict resolution skills needed to encourage saviors and shut down saboteurs. At the end of this one-hour webinar, you’ll learn how to inject more harmony and positive collaboration into your creative team.

In this design tutorial, you will learn:

  • Strategies for improving creative team dynamics
  • How to structure teams with diverse skills and professional sensibilities for maximum creative output
  • Learn to flex your communication style to effectively manage both saboteurs and saviors

Who should watch this webinar:

  • Corporate In-house managers
  • Advertising agency leaders
  • Print Designers, Web Designers, Copywriters, Motion Graphics Designers/Animators, UX Designers and Studio Managers looking to supercharge their careers
  • Key contributors to a design/marketing or advertising team: Marketing Managers, Social Media Strategists, Project Managers, Photographers, Cinematographers, Production Supervisors and Media Buyers

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Ed Roberts

Ed is a Creative Director who has assembled a brilliant in-house team of strategic, creative superheroes. Together they develop and execute the marketing and visual strategies for an organization that manages billions of dollars in electric generation assets and serves over 500,000 consumers. Ed is also a member of the InHOWse Editorial Council and writes for HOW magazine and the InHOWse Design Blog.

SKU T1017
Author/Speaker/Editor Ed Roberts
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