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HOW Singles: (Re) Making a Name for Themselves

From HOW Magazine November 2012

By Bryn Mooth

Format: eBook

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You'll Love this Download If:

  • You love branding success stories
  • You want to see a rebranding strategy that really worked
  • You're thinking about rebranding yourself

This download is an article on rebranding creative agencies, specifically Enrich (formerly Schisla Design Studio) and Mth° (formerly Morris Communication), that was featured in HOW Magazine's November 2012 Issue, the Business and Career Annual.

Rebranding a creative agency is hard, risky — and very time-consuming. Meet two principals who took the leap this year, repositioning their firms for growth and longevity.

In (Re) Making a Name for Themselves You'll Find:

  • Profiles on Enrich (formerly Schisla Design Studio) and Mth° (formerly Morris Communication)
  • Explanations of their rebranding strategies and analysis of rebranding in general
  • What you need to watch out for when rebranding yourself

There’s a reason why rebranding is such a rarity among creative firms—several reasons, actually. Rebranding is really hard work. More than simply creating a nifty new logo, rebranding requires a discomforting level of introspection. Rebranding is scary, especially if the firm abandons a longstanding identity or shifts market focus. And it requires dedicated time and attention that compete with the resources allocated to revenue-generating client work.

So why go through the pain? We posed that question to two creative agencies that launched new identities this year—Enrich (formerly Schisla Design Studio) and Mth° (formerly Morris Communication). While their reasons for rebranding are quite different, the principals of those two studios pulled back the curtain to reveal how they made the big change, why it was time and what their expectations are for the future.

SKU U4607
Author/Speaker/Editor Bryn Mooth
Format eBook

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HOW Singles: (Re) Making a Name for Themselves

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  • HOW Singles: (Re) Making a Name for Themselves

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