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PRINT Singles: Waste Not

From Print Magazine August 2012

By Alissa Walker

Format: Collection

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You'll Love This Download If:

  • You're into product design
  • You like the idea of manufacturing locally and what that means for the community
  • You want a preview of this new trend bringing design and manufacturing closer

Could a locally made garbage can help bring American manufacturing back from the brink? In this feature from Print Magazine's August 2012 Issue continues the theme of the "Trash" Issue by profiling an elegant trash can conceived by a local industrial designer named Brendan Ravenhill—and what this product could mean on in the big picture.

Inside Waste Not You'll Find:

  • A look at this sleek new product, the Dustbin
  • A profile on the relationship between design and manufacturing in America
  • Where this relationship between design and manufacturing is headed

See how "The Dustbin" is on the front end of a trend to design and manufacture locally. This could be huge for any product designer! In the Dustbin, a dustpan is cleverly incorporated as the trash can’s counterbalanced swinging lid. Working with Gordon Brush, Ravenhill designed a brush with inset magnets that affix it to the Dustbin, keeping all the tools for clean-up at the ready. It’s a clever, high-quality trash can that could last you the rest of your refuse-collecting life. And it’s completely designed and manufactured in Los Angeles.

SKU U3198
Author/Speaker/Editor Alissa Walker
Format Collection

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PRINT Singles: Wast Not

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  • PRINT Singles: Wast Not

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