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Print Singles: Symbolism of the Color Red

From Print Magazine June 2013

By Steven Heller

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  • You love all things red
  • You want to know more about this color’s psychological and emotional associations
  • You are interested in how the color red works in design projects today

In this download from Print Magazine's June 2013 issue, Steven Heller takes a look at the color red in designs throughout history. From seeing red to The Scarlet Letter, readers get a taste of the many ways this varied shade plays with our emotions and our perceptions.

Inside Symbolism of the Color Red You'll Find:

  • Examples of how the color red is used in design work
  • A look at which red to use when trying to appeal to a certain audience
  • When anger turns to fury, do you see red? Probably not. “Seeing red” is merely a metaphor. It vividly describes rage, but unless you’re predisposed to Rosacea, a skin condition that dilates blood vessels, ocular chromatic changes aren’t triggered even by as intense a human emotion as rage. “Seeing red” is just clever wordplay that colors the way we think of anger. Red is an intensely powerful modifier.

    Is it possible to be caught literally redhanded? Maybe, if you were stealing from farmer McGregor’s strawberry patch, but otherwise, guilt doesn’t physically alter hand color. Nonetheless, this figure of speech refers back to a time when being discovered with blood on one’s hands after committing a violent criminal act was a sure sign of guilt. Few colors can be more vivid than blood red.

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