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Print Magazine October 2013

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You'll Love This Issue If:

  • You love storytelling and want to explore it from every angle
  • You think storytelling is an art
  • You're fascinated by interactive storytelling

Print magazine's October 2013 Issue is dubbed "The Design and Storytelling Issue," and in it, readers benefit from tips for telling their story in their new brand, or an interactive story where readers interact with the story and take it to the next level and become part of story. Also in this issue: how to successfully create an eye-catching book cover design, 8 intriguing tales from a new book full of essays by graphic design’s most celebrated creatives. In addition to your favorite columns, like Observer and Grids+Guides, the October issue offers an exploration of how storytelling has gone interactive.

Inside Print Magazine’s October 2013 Issue You'll Find:


Graphic Content 8 intriguing tales from a new book full of essays from graphic design’s most celebrated creatives
By Brian Singer

Cover Stories
How do book cover designers tell a story that makes us want to read the one inside? Learn more about the ins and outs of book cover design and get the scoop on 7 brand new covers.
By Michelle Taute

Behind the Brand
How do you find a brand’s genuine backstory? Kit Hinrichs ad Alina Wheeler share their advice and present case studies of successful branding projects.
By Melissa Mazzoneli

Inside Story
Playful designs pull audiences into the narrative. Read about 3 creatives who have turned interactive storytelling into a contact sport.
By Karli Petrovic

Propaganda: The Art of Lying
The word propaganda is nearly synonymous with lying. Here, we examine 5 works that are steeped in subversive storytelling.
By Steven Heller

Reflections on a Puddle
A visual essay by Debbie Millman, one of the industry’s most notable storytellers. By Debbie Millman


Grids+Guides: Wine barrels become art; designers give advice; an exhibition walks you through a story; tattoo artists with graffiti style inspire a book

Interview: Storytelling guru Stanley Hainsworth shares his secrets for creating brand narratives that people connect with

Evolution: Today’s stock photos have their roots in 16th century engravings and 19th century “cuts” that ere popularized by printers.

Best Practices: The vanguard of the environmental movement is not in renewable energy or zero waste: It’s in storytelling

Dialogue: Will Gay, creative director for Disney’s Yellow Shoes, shares this beloved brand’s approach to storytelling

Observer: May graphic designer’s don’t read comic books or graphic novels. Find out why you should give this medium another look

Reviews: Chip Kidd’s new book aimed to teach children about graphic design; New interactive game that elicits both a competitive and emotional response; Claire Lui on Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love” latest book cover, DouglasWolk with the story behind Eleanor Friedberger’s “Personal Record” album

The Last Word: Seymour Chwast signs off Oscar Wilde

SKU GROUP-PR1013-U6967
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Print Magazine October 2013 Digital Download

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Print Magazine October 2013

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