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Print Magazine April 2011 Digital Download

The New Visual Artists Issue

By Print Editors

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You'll Love This Digital Issue If:

  • You're ready to see the top 20 designers under 30 for 2011
  • You're excited for Counterspace's guest design
  • You're any graphic designer who's come to love and trust PRINT Magazine

The New Visual Artists issue brings to light the top 20 designers under 30 years old with special recognition. These are the designers who we think will shape the future of design as we know it, and we expect big things to come. Plus we have guest design from Counterspace, a talk with Steve Scott Dadich, a look back at great fonts, and so much more.

In the New Visual Artists 2011 Issue You'll Find:


The Future of Design—What Lies Ahead?
A special section of Print guest designed by Counterspace

A Meditation on Curation
How does one establish the criteria in selecting 20 of the world's most promising young designers? by Michael Worthington and Yasmin Khan

A Family Tree of Design
Visualizing the connections between (mostly) American graphic designers (1960–present), including the 2011 NVAs.
Researched by Counterspace and Mary Kim Harmon with input from Lorraine Wild and Mark Owens built by Jesse Lee Stout and Sudeshna Pantham

Nostalgia for the Future
An evocative and reflective look back at the future of our past, when robots were poised to inherit the Earth.
by Steven Heller

Where you Heading?
Visionaries from a number of design disciplines weigh in on the paths of their domains.
by Joe Kloc, Evan Lerner, Andrew Losowsky

The New Visual Artists 2011
Print's annual portfolio of 20 emerging designers, illustrators, and photographers under the age of 30.

Self-Initiators—Critical Practitioners
Sara Cywnar, Zak Kyes, Brett Tabolt, Jessica Walsh, Hrvoje Zivĉić and Dario Devcić

Relational Aestheticists—Post-Formalists
Rafaela Drazic, Eric Ku, Sarmishta Pantham, Jeseok Yi, Rich Watts and Louise Ma

Formalists Without Borders—Graphic Decathletes
Scott Barry, Lazar Bodroža, Dong Wei, Angela Zhu

Cerebral Image-makers—Deep Depictors
Francesco Bongiorni, Jim Tierney, Kim Dulaney

Sightseers—New Visionists
Ina Jang, Sean Desmond, Jessica Labatte


Letter from the Editor: It's never been a more exciting—or more important—time to be a designer.
Grids+Guides: Design for curious minds: an afternoon Skype with It's Nice That, the evolution of the coffee cup, NBC ditches the peacock, and more.
Dialogue: Steven Heller talks with Scott Dadich, the creative vanguard of Condé Nast's digital editions.
Observer: Rick Poynor argues that today's graphic designers appear to have forgotten the art of form.
Best Practices: Jeremy Lehrer interviews the CEO of Earthster, which analyzes product life cycles.
Stereotype: Paul Shaw and Stephen Coles present their lists of the new classic fonts of the past 25 years.
Interaction: Khoi Vinh asks, "What is a company good for if it cannot execute digitally?"
A Look Back: Victor Margolin considers the lasting relevance of the Bauhaus and Vkhutemas schools.
Back Issue: Editor emeritus Martin Fox on Print's March / April 1965 issue that contemplated the future of magazines.
Reviews: 50 years of Abitare, inside the head of McSweeney's 36, the fanciful fonts of Playful Type 2, and a preview of Cartoon Polymaths, featuring the work of such greats as Winsor McCay and Saul Steinberg.
The Goods: Glow-in-the-dark beer bottles, Iron & Wine's psychedelic image, 3-D Sci-Fi book covers, and gathering feedback on your new website.
One Perfect Thing: The lasting elegance and functionality of Enzo Mari's Ameland letter opener.
In the Studio: A look at the experiential design firm ESI and its founder Edwin Schlossberg.

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Print Magazine April 2011

  • Print Magazine April 2011

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