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Print 2008 Retrospective CD

By Print Magazine

Format: CD

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Order your copy today of every 2008 issue of Print on one disc! Portable, searchable, and printable, it's a gorgeous look book and insightful critique of the best design in the United States and around the world. Now its 69th year, Print won the coveted "Ellie" award for General Excellence in 2008; in its citation, the American Society of Magazine Editors wrote, "Proving that just looking great isn't enough, stands out in a cluttered field with its expansive view of its subject, its relentless curiosity,and its determination to look at design not in a vacuum but as a crucial gateway to popular culture, the environment, even politics."

All six of Print's lushly designed and always stimulating 2008 issues are now available on a single CD, including the blockbuster Regional Design Annual, the special issue on European illustrators, our New Visual Artists winners, and so much more. Simply click on the title of a story in the table of contents to read the full feature. While our website features select articles, the CD includes all of the images as well in a handy, easy-to-read layout.

This CD features:

  • Complete text searchability for fast and easy use.
  • Active links that give you one-click access to every site referenced in the magazine.
  • A portable format allowing you keep a year's worth of Print at home or at the office.

Here's a look at some of the highlights you'll find on this CD:

January/February—Design Under Pressure
The world is always presenting opportunities for urgent communication. Wherever there is an urgent need to convey information, there are designers, professional and self-taught, responding to the call to inform and spur people to action. How can designers around the world connect and teach people, and how can they do it most effectively? From newly repainted murals in Northern Ireland, to landmine warning signs, to activists' customized Google Maps, to a collection of rarely seen and gorgeously handcrafted artist's books in Cuba, Print looks at a world of design for a turbulent and hopeful globe.

March/April—The Graphics of Fashion and 2008 New Visual Artists
Print hits the catwalk to revel in innovative graphics for the fashion world, where fashion and commercial designers influence each other at a high level of creative collaboration. This issue delves into the brave new world of digital textile printing; the history of the beloved Lord & Taylor logo; and the people behind the luxe, whimsical, and coveted invitations to fashion shows. As a special feature, this special 10th anniversary edition of Print's perennially popular New Visual Artists issue—which introduces 20 rising stars in design, illustration, photography, motion graphics, type design, and other disciplines—surveys a decade of winners and what they can tell us where design is going next.

May/June—Design in Europe and Inspiring Illustrators
From the whimsical moods of Icelandic design to the business of Scottish tartan, to the perfectionism of German board-game design, to the changing face of East London, Print zeroes in on today's most notable creative centers in Europe. In this issue, the magazine reports on leading-edge European design in all its forms, with a special emphasis on twelve illustrators—hand-picked by Print's editors—who embody the diverse, forward-thinking, and joyfully creative design communities of the new Europe.

July/August—Type and Form
Type is everywhere, and each letter is an opportunity for communication and beauty. In this issue, Print displays the myriad ways graphic designers are transforming type and our ability to communicate with each other. A Syrian master of lettering is modernizing Arabic calligraphy; headstones are going multimedia; young, talented "creative programmers" are changing the face of type. In a witty exploration of "Good Type Gone Bad," seven noted type designers tell us what it's like to see their faces in odd places. In its focus on type classic and futuristic, this issue explores how the most elemental form of design can speak volumes.

September/October—Making and Breaking the News: Politics and Entertainment
As the lines continue to blur between news and entertainment—and politics and information—what role does design play in steering public opinion and transforming perceptions? This issue presents designers and other visual communicators who get across jumbo-sized messages, whether through the fake (but convincing and hilarious) news graphics of The Daily Show; the ersatz elements of a great Hollywood set; a poster that succeeds in explaining Social Security; or the marketing that plays on hipster parents' fear of the uncool.

November/December—2008 Regional Design Annual
Print's eagerly anticipated, comprehensive, and visually rich survey of design and advertising from all over the country comes complete with insightful reports on business activities from each area of the United States. With 863 winners, 288 pages, and infinite opportunities for inspiration, this issue is Print's blockbuster, a must-read for designers, art directors, and design enthusiasts keen to survey the best creative work produced from Hawaii to Rhode Island and everywhere in between.

SKU Z4249
Author/Speaker/Editor Print Magazine
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