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Photography Debate: Has Digital Devalued the Craft?

By Ellen Shapiro

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You'll Love This Download If:

  • You are still working in the dark room and want to see what all the digital fuss is about
  • You want to hear from top photographers who have navigated the transition to digital
  • You’re interested to see the main differences between photography then and now

In this download from Print magazine’s August 2013 issue, seven notable photographers weigh in on the issue of whether digital photography has devalued the art that was one reserved for professionals who used film and dark rooms instead of memory cards and computers. If everyone can take a photo using an iPhone, has quality photography become obsolete? Find out what the professionals have to say.

Inside Photography Debate: Has Digital Devalued the Craft You'll Find:

  • Interviews with seven famous photographers
  • Information on the ways digital photography has changed the art in good ways and bad

Photographer Nan Goldin famously said in a 2011 interview with “The Guardian,” “Everyone takes photos; now even phones can. The whole issue of digital is so depressing to me; my process is gone. There were all kinds of unknown things that could come out in a photograph, things you didn’t know were there until you saw it; now it’s all so flat.”

This quote, by one of the world’s most widely exhibited photographers—famous for documenting the music scene, drug culture and alternative sexual practices—caught my attention. Is digital depressing? Is the process gone? Has the fact that everyone now takes photos devalued photography?

To find out, I assembled a virtual panel of well-known photographers, most of whom began or enjoyed the height of their careers when being a photographer meant loading film and developing it, poring over contact sheets and making prints in the darkroom. These are photographers I’d worked with or interviewed for articles, and I knew that, in some sense, digital photography had changed the trajectory of their lives.

SKU T1066
Author/Speaker/Editor Ellen Shapiro
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