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PANTONEĀ® ColorMunki Design

Monitor & Printing Calibration

Format: Boxed Set

SKU# W3286

ColorMunki is the do everything solution that gives you the freedom to design with any color from the visible spectrum, even ones you never thought possible. Now you can swing from inspiration to production without losing color quality. And ColorMunki is so versatile, it's ready to help no matter where you grab your next idea. Ideal for agencies, corporate in-house and freelance designers.

Capture: ColorMunki See, ColorMunki Use
Go beyond RGB and CMYK to capture almost any color you see with the all new ColorMunki hardware designed specifically for reading colors: on your screen, your desk, your co-workers breakfast, the family pet... anywhere you find inspiration.

Dummy-Proof Software:
Rediscover your love for color with the ColorMunki software's jaw-dropping visuals and easy-to-use workflow. With the ability to search, tag, store and manage color palettes, you will be running to work in the morning to play with your ColorMunki.

Create and Celebrate
Build color palettes automatically from your own digital images, Pantone Libraries or readings that you take from whatever inspires you.

Calibrate: Tune Up Your Monitor and Printer
ColorMunki is the first affordable, all-in- one device for your color needs. Quickly and easily calibrate your monitor, printer and projector all with the same device. Just set the ColorMunki to the appropriate setting to tune your color without the need for additional pieces or accessories.

Will It Print?
Check the colors you want to use before the printer does with the all-new Print Safe feature. Print Safe shows you what colors are achievable in virtually any printing situation on, any paper.

Pull colors from any images to use in your design. ColorMunki allows you to extract the most predominant colors from; our stock image library, your photo libraries or any image you drag onto the application.

Communicate. Speak the Same Language
Everyone in your team, from designer to printer, will speak the same color language using the ColorMunki AppSet. ColorMunki software automatically sets your design applications to operate in a properly color controlled environment.

Feeding Frenzy
Connect with fresh feeds from to access and share inspirational images and celebrity palettes.

Sync With Ease
Automatically synchronize the color palettes you create in ColorMunki software with your favorite Adobe and Quark applications, as well as, with built-in upload ability.

Technical Details

  • Create and name unlimited custom color palettes with Palette Creation software
  • Select colors from Pantone, other built-in libraries, and dynamically associated Harmony, Variation, and Similar colors
  • Preview your colors before you go to production with unique verification tools
  • Communicate effortlessly--Automatically synchronize palettes to Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and QuarkXpress, or export to your favorite photo and design applications
  • All-in-one true spectral device with built-in white calibration tile calibrates LCD and laptop displays, RGB and CMYK printers, and digital projectors.
SKU W3286
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File/Trim Size Monitor & Printing Calibration
Format Boxed Set

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