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Mastering Typography Ultimate Collection

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Typography is everywhere you look – on store shelves, billboards, road signs and web pages –  and every letter has a purpose.  Becoming a master at typography is the key to getting those letters to work together with your colors and other elements of your design to accomplish that purpose.

Mastering Typography Ultimate Collection is your key to understanding the styles and uses of various typefaces and to determine what each is best for and which design choices they compliment.  From the history of commonly-used typefaces to recommendations for the best web fonts, you’ll find it all here in this collection of must-have typography resources brought together in this collection, made especially for you - today’s designer.  

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Packed full of typographic inspiration and instruction, you get:

Mastering Typography Independent Study Workshop Mastering Typography Independent Study Workshop
RETAIL: $199.00

Developed by HOW Design University, this work-at-your-own-pace course expands on the foundations of typography. You’ll learn about organization, relationships, composition, message and more. Approximate completion time 4 weeks.
Mastering Type Mastering Type
RETAIL: $40.00

Mastering Typography, typography expert Denise Bosler teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know about the art and science of typography. She details the fascinating history, gives you the correct terminology for pieces of the letter you probably didn't even notice were there, and shows you how it all comes together.

6 Steps to Better Web Typography OnDemand Design Tutorial 6 Steps to Better Web Typography OnDemand Design Tutorial
RETAIL: $49.99

Join Jason Cranford Teague for an hour-long session devoted entirely to finding, choosing and using the best fonts for website designs. User and client expectations are higher than ever. Be sure you’re educated and ready.

Type Idea Index Type Idea Index
RETAIL: $24.99

Ideas breed ideas. If you are looking for new ways of employing type in your works of art and design, this handy resource delivers 650+ customer-created, idea-sparking examples of typography and type-intensive design. You’ll find yourself referring to it over and over again.
Typographic Milestones

Typographic Milestones
RETAIL: $60.00

From Gutenberg to Tschichold, this book paints vivid and compelling portraits of the trailblazers and innovator who left their mark on modern typography. Understanding the history of the typeface and the designer who created it will help you tell your stories through their fonts.

BONUS: The first 25 buyers of this month’s collection will also receive a bonus download, Hot Type by Paul Shaw. This 18-page download gives you even more insight into the world of type and what makes certain typefaces “hot.”

SKU U5069
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