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Marketing Mentor Pricing Bundle: The Tools for Smart Pricing

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Pricing Bundle: The Tools for Smart Pricing

Not sure if you're pricing properly? Don't know how your pricing or profitability stacks up? What about markups, retainers and pro bono work?

Marketing Mentor's Pricing Bundle will give you the down-and-dirty pricing info that creatives really want—and need. From how to determine a client's budget, to how to control the money conversation, from how real creatives price projects and determine hourly rates, to how to handle retainers, this bundle has it all.

You get to hear interviews with experts, worksheets to figure out your overhead, your hourly rate and how to estimate a job, plus a 60-minute webinar that outlines exactly what to say to control the "money conversation" -- all of this will help you gain the expertise and confidence you need to run your business efficiently—and profitably.

You also get the most popular materials from Creative Business newsletter on the topic of pricing, PLUS a recent interview on pricing with editor of Creative Business, Cameron Foote.

The Pricing Bundle will change the way you think about money, pricing, and your own business. We guarantee it. (If you are unsatisfied with the product, we will give you a full refund.)

Here's what's in The Pricing Bundle:

Audio Interviews

Pricing interview with Cameron Foote, the Editor of the industry newsletter, Creative Business. (Audio MP3 and text overview.) Foote answers burning questions including:

  • What hourly rates should creatives be charging?
  • What do you need to know about your business before you can even begin thinking about pricing a project?
  • What is a normal profit percentage?
  • Mark-ups? How much?
  • Should I care what the competition is charging?

Pricing interview with Sarah Durham, the Principal & Founder of Big Duck. (Audio MP3 and text overview.) Durham answers burning questions including:

  • When you price for nonprofits, do you have to charge lower fees?
  • What does everyone need to know about their business and their market before setting prices?
  • When you have to say, "I'm sorry, we can't do this for this fee," what do you do?
  • What if we give our 3 concepts and they don't like any of them. Who pays for that time?
  • - Do you have recommended language for scope creep?

Hourly Rate Worksheets

  • Marketing Mentor's hourly rate worksheet
  • Interactive Overhead + Hourly Rate Worksheet Estimating Worksheets
  • Creative Business Estimating Worksheet
  • A Sample Estimate Worksheet in Excel Webinar
  • Ilise Benun's Talking Money with Clients Creative Business Articles
  • Profitability. How Does Yours Stack Up?
  • Conducting A Billable Efficiency Check and Improving Billable Efficiency
  • Determining A Client's Budget: How Much Would You Charge?
  • Markups-Why, When, Where, & How Much?
  • Pricing & Billing Standards For Single- & Multi-Person Creative Services Firms
  • Pro Bono Work. What, When, and How Much? 
  • Retainers--Replying to Discount Requests by Offering Them
  • Value-based Pricing. Is It Possible?
SKU W8121
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This product ships from Marketing Mentor Press

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