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Grow Your Skills as an In-House Creative Manager - OnDemand Design Webcast

HOW Learning Series

By Andy Epstein

Format: Collection

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Running a corporate design department—or working successfully in one—requires the perfect blend of creative skill and business acumen. In this 4-part HOW Learning Series, veteran in-house design leader Andy Epstein (co-founder of InSource and editor of the InHOWse Designer Blog) presents strategies and tactics for thriving as a creative in a corporate environment. You'll get real-world advice on managing a team, creating smart processes, maintaining brand standards and building successful relationships.

PART 1 - The Tribe Vibe: How to Build a Great Team Culture
OnDemand DesignCast

Nothing impacts the power and success of an in-house team more than its culture. Groups that possess positive group dynamics such as collaboration, mutual respect, kindness, empathy, humor, commitment and passion not only operate more efficiently, but are sustainable, supportive, nurturing forces whose attributes can actually impact the greater corporate culture of the companies where they reside.

This DesignCast Session will define the key qualities, mindsets and behaviors that make for a positive culture and provide real world examples of how to create them for your group—whether you're a team of one or of many.

PART 2 - The Process Process: How to Manage Projects Effectively
OnDemand DesignCast

Standard operating procedures, or SOPs, are the structure that allows in-house teams to efficiently produce high quality design with a minimum of time-consuming problems. It isn't easy to create, implement or refine them, but there is a clear, achievable path—and the benefits of adopting a design and production process far outweigh the temporary initial pain.

This DesignCast Session will discuss the different components of SOPs as well as provide a well-defined blueprint on how to create and implement them.

PART 3 - Brand Blindness: How to Become an Effective Brand Steward
OnDemand DesignCast

In-house design teams are generally the default brand police (or, let's say, brand stewards) for their companies. Given this important responsibility, it's critical for in-house designers to understand how branding impacts their companies, what branding structures work best for the products and services their companies offer and especially to be aware of the pitfalls that can result from living the brand as a corporate insider.

How to avoid those pitfalls, implement successful branding structures and become effective brand stewards will be the subject of this DesignCast session.

PART 4 - Let's All Get Along: How to Collaborate With Peers & Clients
OnDemand DesignCast

"Plays well with others" is a behavior that will make the difference between success and failure for your in-house team. It's not easy, given the politics and turf wars that inevitably occur in any organization, but there are strategies, tactics and, most importantly, mindsets that can be adopted that will encourage and enhance collaboration with peers, other departments and upper management.

Just what those strategies, tactics and mindsets are, and how to implement them, will be covered in this DesignCast session.

Each session is available for $49/individual session or $125 for the entire 4-part Learning Series.

Sarah WhitmanWhat HOW Magazine's Executive Editor, Sarah Whitman, has to say:
This 4-part series is a must-have for any in-house manager! You'll get a conference-worth of info for a fraction of the price of an event.

SKU W1967
Author/Speaker/Editor Andy Epstein
File/Trim Size 4-Part Learning Series (approx. 1 hr per session)
File Type MP4, WMV
Format Collection

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