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Master Class: Joe Duffy - A Logo Does Not Make A Brand - OnDemand Design Webcast

How to Create a Brand Language That Fits the Personality of the Brand

By Joe Duffy

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Our most popular DesignCast yet!

Joe Duffy has been developing brand IDs for more than 30 years, so it might seem strange to hear that he thinks most people in the design business put way too much stock in logos. In fact, he thinks they're highly overrated. As great as it is to see the brand's essence distilled down into a tiny little graphic device, even when it's done properly (which is rare by the way), it can only be one of many moving parts that successfully create a connection between a brand and its intended audience.
In this DesignCast, Joe Duffy will discuss what brands need today: a complete 'language' that is unique to them, one that they can call their own. This language must encompass every point of contact with the audience - the way it looks, sounds, even smells. It should convey in honest terms why the brand is right for its intended participants and why consumers should join up and be part of the brand's team. It is impossible to do all this with a logo. As a result, most logos try too hard to overcompensate. They try to be all things to all the people they want to attract and in so doing end up being convoluted or contrived.

In this DesignCast, you¹ll learn:

1. How to create a brand language that fits the personality of the brand

2. The rules of collaboration with the brand's 'parents' - the client

3. How to bring the brand to life through innovative design applications

4. Should you revitalize or re-create? How to assess brand equity


Coca Cola's Juice Portfolio - A fully developed design language that includes multiple logos in various languages around the world to provide global consistency.

Aveda Men - The quietly sleek, earth-toned packaging of Aveda Men is made, of course, with post-consumer recycled material.

Herradura - This logo encompassed Mexican heritage, culture and spiritual folklore as the basis for Duffy's design inspiration and translated it to a worldwide audience.

Wolfgang Puck - The new look of this logo incorporates the artistic spirit of the world-renowned chef with a fresh, natural palette.

The Islands of the Bahamas - A hard working logo that serves as a distillation of the language that speaks of everything 'Bahamas.'

Designers need to do so much more than create a logo in order to make a real business impact on a brand. The creative process shouldn't even start with a logo, much less end there. Rather than tearing down the existing ID down and starting from scratch, the better way is to audit what¹s there and build on the positive associations that the audience has with the brand. These can be the building blocks or positive foundation from which a successful brand language can be designed.

Through collaboration in the creative process, a team builds a sense of ownership and authorship. A common set of expectations is established and surprises are minimized. Working in partnership is the only way to create a successful brand.

About the Presenter: Joe Duffy is one of the most respected and sought after creative directors and thought leaders on branding and design in the world. Joe's work includes brand and corporate identity development for some of the world's most admired brands, from Aveda to Coca-Cola to Sony to Jack in the Box to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. His work is regularly featured in leading marketing and design publications and exhibited around the world. In 2004 he founded Duffy & Partners as a new kind of branding and creativity company, partnering with clients and other firms in all communication disciplines.

Also in 2004, he received the Legacy Medal from the AIGA for a lifetime of achievement in the field of visual communications. His first book‹Brand Apart‹was released in July 2005 and in 2006, he was recognized as one of the 'fast 50' most influential people in the future of business by Fast Company.

SKU Y1006
Author/Speaker/Editor Joe Duffy
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Master Class: Joe Duffy - A Logo Does Not Make A B Review by Lyndie Wilkes

Very good webinar, loved it.

(Posted on 11/9/2010)

Graphic Designer Review by Julie Clay

Excellent case studies, really helped gel the idea a complete brand look is more than just one piece

(Posted on 9/20/2010)

Master Class: Joe Duffy - A Logo Does Not Make A B Review by Lyndie Wilkes

Joe was fantastic! His techniques and processes for getting the client involved in the beginning of the creative development is genius. I am currently applying this strategy with a client right now, and things are moving so much smoother than they ever have. Thanks!

(Posted on 9/3/2010)

Creative Director Review by Rita Myers

Assuming 5 is the best. Very informative. Very clear and concise presentation. Not to mention gorgeous work.

(Posted on 9/3/2010)

Joe Duffy's Webinar Review by Nicolas Labbe

The logo is not a brand was a pretty good webinar overall. I had just finished reading The Brand Gap (By Marty Neumeier) the night before so timming was great on my side. I really appreciated the knowledge Joe gave us regarding how to include clients in the first steps of a creative project.

(Posted on 9/2/2010)

Joe Duffy Review by emfitzge

Outstanding, not to mention really useful!

(Posted on 8/31/2010)

Joe Duffy DesignCast Review by Jennean Boeding

very good! it validated some practices we already have in place and showed me other practices we should adapt to our situation. and of course the creative was exceptional and inspiring.

(Posted on 8/31/2010)

Advanced Graphic Designer Review by Sue Revenaugh

Very interesting process he goes through for each client. Working in a corporate setting without large budgets to travel or the big clients. Our situation is a little different. But the process he goes through was interesting to see. There could of been better visuals. More graphics and less text.

(Posted on 8/30/2010)

Joe Duffy designcast Review by Jadyn

it was nice and inspiring to see the thought process of great branding and design work.

(Posted on 8/30/2010)

Great show of branding Review by Barb Roan

The design cast was quite informative. It was helpful seeing the overall process of designing an effective brand from start to finish. The creative briefs were a great concept and tool to use. Keep more webinars like these coming!

(Posted on 8/30/2010)

Items 1 to 10 of 16 total

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  2. 2