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Information Architecture: A Prototyping Guide for Web Designers

A HOW Expert Guide

By Chris Butler

Format: eBook

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You'll love this Expert Guide from HOW if:

  • You are planning a new web design
  • Site maps and wire frames don't deliver the results you need
  • You want to ensure your website is developed to your design specifications

Since the beginning of the web, many approaches have been taken to plan the structure and information architecture of websites that are, on the whole, ineffective. Methods such as site maps and wire frames are still in wide employ as the primary planning documents for many web projects, despite being woefully inadequate for the task. In this helpful guide Chris Butler discusses prototyping as a potential solution.

Website prototyping involves the creation of an interactive experience that effectively communicates the structure, information and functionality of a website in a way that enables the remaining steps in the process, specifically design and development, to proceed without the possibility of emerging on the other side with contradictory results. Essentially, prototyping means building a model of the website before you build the actual website. This guide explains the process and important things to keep in mind when prototyping your own website project.

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SKU T5486
Author/Speaker/Editor Chris Butler
File Type PDF
Format eBook
Number Of Pages 17

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