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Idea Index eBook

Graphic Effects and Typographic Treatments

By Jim Krause

Format: eBook

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You'll Love This eBook If:

  • You're a graphic designer, illustrator, or art director
  • You're any kind of professional involved in the creation of visual media
  • You're a student, who will also find this book very useful not only for expanding their creative awareness, but also as an illustrated resource of current graphic techniques and styles

While doing nothing to change the actual creative process—a process carried out uniquely by every artist—Idea Index puts it in “fast forward”: supercharging the search for a unique and interesting solution. By placing hundreds of visual and conceptual suggestions directly before the artist’s eyes and mind, Idea Index stimulates, quickens and expands the creative process. Simply put, this book is a tool that stocks the creative reservoir, brings useful ideas to the surface and offers the spark needed to make a good ideas great.

In Idea Index You'll Find:

  • Inspirational examples of graphics and typography
  • Brainstorming techniques and devices
  • Eleven spreads that offer examples of how concepts from this book can be applied, step-by-step demonstrations of useful techniques and further suggestions for finding pathways to creative solutions.
  • And more!

Use Idea Index at the beginning of a project to get ideas stirring or later on, to expand a page or two of thumbnail sketches; use it as “mental drain-opener” when the creative juices have slowed or stopped flowing; use it to get things moving during group brainstorming sessions; thumb through the pages during downtime to stay sharp

SKU W0747
Author/Speaker/Editor Jim Krause
File/Trim Size 5.5 MB
File Type PDF
Format eBook
ISBN 13 9781440313127

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