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How to Manage Workplace Disruptions

By Bryn Mooth

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You'll Love This Download If:

  • Your workflow is consistently interrupted by coworkers, meetings or side project requests
  • You need a better way to avoid engaging the time-sucks
  • Tips for getting back to creativity after a disruption would make your life a whole lot easier

In this download from HOW’s September issue, in-house designers and creative professionals get an exclusive look at ways to overcome The Time-Suck Problem. If you need tips for handling all those little interruptions and side tasks that keep you from continued creative bliss, this is the single for you. This article will prep you for the next time your boss requests a sign for his daughter’s lemonade stand, instruct you on handling the chatty coworker in the sales department and advise you on any other time-suck situation you’ll likely encounter at work.

Inside How to Manage Workplace Disruptions You'll Find:

  • Diplomatic ways to say no to distracting non-work-related side projects
  • A look at how some creative teams manage disruptions and workflow

“Well, I’ll never get that hour back,” you mutter to yourself as you leave what was supposed to be a productive, 15-minute meeting with your client in the sales department. But you can get that hour back. Or, at least, you can learn to manage the overlong meetings, the emergency projects, and other time-wasters and work-disruptors that interrupt your day.

Given corporate hierarchies and the confluence of right- and left-brainers, it might seem that in-house designers face more of these time sucks than agency staffers. But that isn’t necessarily the case, according to Tom Monahan, a Providence, RI-based leader in applied creativity, author, consultant and speaker.

SKU T1069
Author/Speaker/Editor Bryn Mooth
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