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How to Design Successful Book Covers

By Michelle Taute

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You'll Love This Download If:

  • You’re looking for some inspiration on creating a book cover
  • You want to get ideas on how to tell a cover story that makes readers want to read the one inside
  • You’re looking for ways to get your book noticed with an eye catching cover

In this download from Print magazine’s October 2013 issue, we’ll take you on a journey through several eye catching, awe inspiring book covers. Get ideas on how to create a book cover that hints at what’s inside and gets readers to pick up the book and take a look inside. Even in the e-reader age, book covers are an eye-catching experience that draws the reader in and gets them reading more.

Inside Photography Debate: Has Digital Devalued the Craft You'll Find:

  • Several eye-catching book covers
  • Information on the ways digital photography has changed the art in good ways and bad

Even for those who fall asleep clutching a Kindle, there’s still an irresistible pull to carve out time for visiting real-life bookstores. Stepping inside the local bookstore allows us to set down all the digital baggage so we can stop feeling guilty about all the books we should be reading. As we walk down the rows and round displays we indulge in the romanticism of books. We wander aimlessly until a cover catches our eye and seduces us to pick it up off the shelf, run our finger down the spine and flip it over to read the back copy. It becomes a moment of discovery and anticipation. Every book lover longs to discover that new favorite book.

This exploration hinges on something important, the one that draws our eyes to it: the great cover design. In our journey down the aisles, we might pass up hundred of similar book covers, the multiple covers with the heroine and hero entwined or the dozen of books with high heels on the cover. But our eyes linger on the covers that stand out, the foil embossed cover or a stunning original illustration that stops in our tracks. When everything goes right, a well-designed book cover helps us find the best stories or, at least, the best stories for us.

SKU T1074
Author/Speaker/Editor Michelle Taute
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