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HOW Magazine November 2012 Digital Download

The Business & Career Annual

By HOW Editors

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  • You want to see how your salary stacks up!
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  • You want to learn how to make a difference and a living! Sneak Peek at The Design Activist's Handbook

HOW Magazine's November 2012 Issue is our Business & Career Annual, and that means our 2012 Design Salary Survey! See some promising trends for the design profession, then check out our features on becoming a great manager and the future of graphic design (and how you can make sure you're in it). PLUS we've got some advice from The Design Activist's Handbook on making a difference in the world through your career.

The hardcopy version of this issue is available here.

In HOW Magazine's November 2012 Issue You'll Find:

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(Re)making a Name for Themselves
Rebranding your own design firm is a tricky project. Not only is it tough to be your own client, but you also take the risk of losing brand equity. Two brave firms, that both realized that change was necessary for future growth and success, share the challenging process of creating new identities without destroying the businesses they worked so hard to build.
By Bryn Mooth

Design Career Lifecycle
In the middle of a creative career, you’re so busy getting the work done that you rarely stop to consider whether you’re on the right path or what other options await you in the future. But identifying where you are and where you want to go will help you get there that much faster. We explore the five stages of a design career to help you find your own way.
By Terry Lee Stone
Where Design is Going, and How to Be There
In order to preserve the professional practice of design, the practice has to be about more than using technology to create an artifact. Design must be about solving business and communication problems that people don’t even realize they have. Are you prepared to remain relevant for design’s bright new future?
By Cheryl Heller
Designing Change Through Management
If you really want to change the world as a designer, start by becoming a great manager so you can affect the lives of the people you work with every day.
By David C. Baker
The Design Activist’s Toolkit
The authors of “The Design Activist’s Handbook” share the best tools, inspiration and resources from the book to help you move from wanting to change the world with design to finally making it happen.
By Noah Scalin and Michelle Taute
2012 Design Salary Survey
Designer salaries are still being negatively affected by a sluggish economy, but this year’s salary survey reveals some good news, too: The creative job market is finally starting to pick back up.
By Michelle Taute 

COLUMNS (click the title if you'd like to purchase the article only)

Career: How To Negotiate Like A Pro No one enjoys asking their boss for a raise, promotion or other job perk, but you rarely get what you don’t ask for. Here are five strategies to make office negotiations a little easier to manage.

Freelance: Giving Greenlancing A Go You don’t have to switch to a vegan diet and solar power to make going green a part of your freelance business. One greenlancer explains how small changes can create a big environmental impact over time.

Business: Creating A Vision For Your Firm You probably have a mission statement for your firm, but do you have a vision, as well? You need one to know where you’re headed in the future.

Creativity: Bringing Creativity To BusinessWhile you probably didn’t become a designer because you love business, you can use your natural creativity to be a better leader, manager and firm owner.

Designer Spotlight: 5 By 5 Design This small Minneapolis firm is helmed by two women who teamed up to create the design firm they’d always wanted to work for.

SKU V9050
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HOW Magazine November 2012 Digital Download

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  • HOW Magazine November 2012 Digital Download

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