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Hand Lettering Power Course - Independent Study Workshop

By Denise Bosler

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Introduce hand-lettering into your repertoire of design skills with this course. Denise Bosler, author of Mastering Type, will provide you with the skills you need to add a personal touch to your typographic communication from research and sketching to developing dynamic layouts with custom lettering. You will be given the opportunity to communicate your love of hand-lettering through the process of self-discovery and experimentation as you explore your typographic voice and creative style

In this workshop, you'll learn:

  • Develop a lettering reference library and toolbox
  • Learn the basics to correctly execute letterforms by hand
  • Develop your personal typographic voice
  • Master typographic resonance and layout skills to create a beautiful hand-lettered phrase

Who should take this course:

  • In-house and agency designers
  • In-house managers
  • Creative freelancers

Workshop outline:

Lesson 1: Typography vs. Lettering
  • Introduction
  • Tools of the Trade
    • Basic Supply List
  • Typography vs. Lettering
  • Typography vs. Calligraphy
  • Library of Reference and Inspiration
    • Digital Library
    • Book Library
    • Video Library
  • Assignment, Part 1
  • Assignment, Part 2
  • Learning the basics
  • Readings, from Mastering Type
  • Assignment, Part 3
  • Choosing and Researching a Phrase
Lesson 2: Layout and Development
  • Introduction
  • Assignment, Part 4
    • Rookie Mistake #1
    • Layout and Development Steps
      • Step 1
      • Step 2
      • Step 3
      • Step 4
      • Rookie Mistake #2
      • Rookie Mistake #3
      • Step 5
      • Rookie Mistake #4
      • Step 6
  • Illustrator Tips
  • Traditional Media Tips
  • Assignment, Part 5 (Final Assignment)
Basic Supplies You’ll Need:


These workshops are self-guided, "offline" versions of our online workshops at HOW U. You receive the same curriculum and supplemental materials, but you do the work completely on your own, making them an ideal choice for students who truly want to work at their own pace

 In contrast to our online workshops, where class is "in session" for a specified period of time, there's no set time line for an independent study class, you could approach it as an intensive crash course, pick it up on weekends over several months, or whatever works best for you.

SKU T1465
Author/Speaker/Editor Denise Bosler
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