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HOW Growing Your Freelance Business

A Guide for Freelance Graphic Design

By Various Authors

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Whether you’re just starting out as a freelancer, making the switch from moonlighter to full-time solopreneur, or wanting to take your established freelance operation to the next level, this guide is for you. You’ll learn how to position yourself and your business, qualify clients, establish your rates, talk about money, take control of client negotiations, create metrics and track them, and establish your own career path.

Inside Growing Your Freelance Business You'll Find:

Is Freelancing Right for You?
Discover whether you have the 10 skills you need to be a successful solopreneur.
by Ilise Benun

Making the Move
Take these 6 steps now to prepare for the day you’ll launch your full-fledged freelance business.
by Ilise Benun

Finding Your Focus
You’ve heard the advice that you should choose a specialty for your business. Here’s why—and how—to do it.
by Ilise Benun

5 Steps to Landing the Right Clients
Stop wasting time chasing the wrong clients. Instead, implement this 5-step qualifying process to usher the right ones into your open arms.
by Ilise Benun

Managing Your Clients
Do your clients boss you around? Learn how to regain control of your customer relationships.
by Ilise Benun

The Budget Game
Learn how to get over asking clients to disclose their project budgets.
by Ilise Benun

Is ‘Freelancer’ a Dirty Word?
Learn when it’s OK to call yourself a freelancer and when it’s better to use a different term.
by Ilise Benun

The Art & Science of Pricing
We share tips, techniques and some helpful worksheets you need to turn pricing from a guessing game into a strategic tool to grow your business.
by Ilise Benun

New Rules for Freelancers
Your mom might have told you not to brag and not to talk about money. But as a business owner, you need to reconsider her advice.
by Ilise Benun

By the Numbers
Here are 5 simple business metrics every freelancer should know. Track them, and you’ll end each month with more money in the bank.
by Ilise Benun

Are You Excited?
If you turn down projects that don’t excite you, you’re leaving work—and money—on the table.
by Ilise Benun

Fighting the Crowd
Educate your clients about the pitfalls of crowdsourcing. In the end, the good ones will thank you.
by Ilise Benun

How to Really Use LinkedIn
Sure, you’ve got a profile on this business networking site, but we bet you’re not really using it to find clients and make connections. Here’s how to do it right.
by Ilise Benun

Giving Greenlancing a Go
You don’t have to switch to a vegan diet and solar power to make going green a part of your freelance business. One greenlancer explains how small changes can create a big environmental impact over time.
by Tom N. Tumbusch

Design Career Lifecycle
Designers in various stages of their careers share how they plan to take their careers to the next level.
by Terry Lee Stone

SKU U7141
Author/Speaker/Editor Various Authors
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Growing Your Freelance Business

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  • Growing Your Freelance Business

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