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HOW Getting the Salary You Deserve

By Julie Ann Sims, The Creative Group, Michelle Taute, Peg Faimon

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You may be passionate about design, but you still need to be compensated fairly for your work. It's important to know not only what your job is worth, but also how to convince your boss to pay you the salary and benefits you deserve. In this collection of articles, you'll get proof of what you should be paid from our 2012 Design Salary Survey, plus lots tips for how to handle the most common on-the-job negotiations, including those stressful salary conversations. And our 2012 Salary Trends report highlights jobs with the most growth potential.

Inside Getting the Salary You Deserve You'll FInd:

2012 Salary Trends

Are you in the right position to maximize your salary? Read on to learn which titles will demand the most dollars and get tips on how to negotiate your next raise.
by Julie Ann Sims

Salary Negotiation Missteps

You aced the interview and now you’ve received a job offer, so you’re ready to break out the champagne. Not so fast. You still have to negotiate your salary, a process that can be tricky and full of potential missteps. Here are 6 common salary negotiation mistakes creatives make and how to avoid them.
by The Creative Group

3 Sticky Salary Situations

Salary negotiations are tricky. Whether you’re a full-time designer seeking a raise or an unemployed project manager on a third round of interviews, arguing for more money can produce anxiety. You don’t want to appear greedy, but you do want a salary that matches your worth in the marketplace. Following are three sticky salary situations you may encounter in your career and how to handle each one with diplomacy.
by The Creative Group 08

2012 Design Salary Survey

Want to know how graphic design salaries are holding up in the recession? Overall, paychecks are slightly down according to HOW’s latest survey. But there’s good news, too: Signs point to a job market that’s heating back up.
by Michelle Taute

Salary Negotiation, Research and Real-World Advice

Talking about your salary can be tricky, and when you’re applying for a job, it’s risky to show your hand first. The author of “The Designer’s Guide to Business and Careers” offers tips for navigating the salary-negotiation process.
by Peg Faimon

How To Negotiate Like a Pro

Work-related negotiations don’t need to be nerve-wracking or hostile. Use these 5 expert strategies to help you engage in positive negotiations at work and get what you need.
by Julie Ann Sims

Office Negotiation Strategies

Here we address the finer points of successful negotiation tactics, offer some do’s and don’ts, and suggest some good sources for research before you jump into your next workplace negotiation.
by The Creative Group

SKU U5760
Author/Speaker/Editor Julie Ann Sims, The Creative Group, Michelle Taute, Peg Faimon
File Type PDF
Format Collection
ISBN 13 9781440331374

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Getting the Salary You Deserve

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  • Getting the Salary You Deserve

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