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George Lois: Damn Good Advice (for people with talent!) - OnDemand Design Webcast

By George Lois

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You'll Love This Presentation If:

  • You're any kind of design professional
  • You're an in-house or freelance designer especially
  • You know how incredible George Lois is

George Lois, one of the original "Mad Men," presents on a lifetime of iconoclastic and iconic thinking. Based on his recent book of the same name, Lois will discuss the process of creativity in all phases of the graphic arts and how it relates to the conduct of life itself. Pulling examples from the book, like "Always go for the Big Idea", "Never work for Bad People", and "Don't be a Crybaby", Lois highlights his work with practical advice and, what he calls "kick-ass lessons."

In George Lois: Damn Good Advice (for people with talent!) You'll Learn:

  • Life changing concepts on creativity
  • An attitude about how to reject con – and create icon.
  • Practical lessons from one of the greatest minds in design

Click the video below for a preview of Damn Good Advice (for people with talent!) with George Lois. Instantly stream this tutorial and hundreds more on your computer at Design TV now!

With passionate, punchy, and pungent examples Lois delivers a no-holds barred, in-your-face presentation, explaining, demonstrating, and ultimately teaching how to unleash your potential in any creative-driven industry. If you have talent, this talk (and this book) will be a life-changing experience.

What Print Magazine's Executive Editor, Mason Currey, has to say:

Lois, as anyone will tell you, is a legend in the worlds of design and advertising. I don't know how anyone could resist the opportunity to soak up the practical advice and "kick-ass lessons" he offers in this webcast.

SKU V9613
Author/Speaker/Editor George Lois
File Type M4V, WMV
Runtime About 1 Hour

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