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Embracing HTML5 and CSS3

2011 HOW Interactive Design Conference

By Chris Converse

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Discover how a HTML5 and CSS3 can open the door to new, innovative designs. Take control of your web project with a basic understanding of these codes. Don't blindly hand it off to a development team and cross your fingers, instead design with these principles in mind.

In This Presentation You'll Learn:

  • What designers need to know about HTML5 and CSS3
  • How designs have to adapt to various platforms and screen sizes
  • Why it's important for designers to have a surface level understanding of coding

These days, your designs have to work in many mediums: on cell phones, touchscreens, desktops and laptops, just to name a few. Codify's Chris Converse shows you how you can create screen-sensitive design with CSS3 and how HTML5's new features give you more design freedom.

Click the video below for a preview of Embracing HTML5 and CSS3 with Chris Converse. Instantly stream this tutorial and hundreds more on your computer at Design TV now!

SKU V7613
Additional Feature This video recording is from HOW Interactive Design Conference 2011. Click here to find recordings of all presentations from HOW Interactive Design Conference, or visit Design TV to instantly stream this content on your computer.
Author/Speaker/Editor Chris Converse
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Embracing HTML5 and CSS3 with Chris Converse

  • Embracing HTML5 and CSS3 with Chris Converse

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