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Designing Products for Emerging Markets - OnDemand Design Webcast

By Masuma Henry and Martijn Van Tilburg

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As countries such as India and China continue to grow and become more accessible, they represent expanding opportunities for product development. How can product designers create unique and meaningful user experiences for people in these populations? Masuma Henry and Martijn Van Tilburg of the Seattle–based design consultancy Artefact explain how to do just this, outlining an effective process for developing compelling products for customers in emerging markets.

Drawing from their experience designing technology experiences for these users, they dispel common misconceptions and reveal practical insights and methods for undergoing this design process. Specifically, they explain how to conduct the discovery phase, including the planning and execution of fieldwork, remote data collection, and concept generation in the field. They also demonstrate how to make sense of fieldwork results and how to choose the most relevant concepts to pursue further. They'll highlight examples of successful and failed products, discuss the reasons for these outcomes, and show examples of their recent work in this exciting space.

The specific methods you learn during this session will be applicable in arenas beyond traditional emerging markets; they apply to any situation where the customer is unknown and difficult to access.

You learn:

  • Practical means for ensuring success when designing products for emerging markets
  • Methods for developing empathy with customers in these markets, even under tight timelines and budgets
  • Sharing this empathy with team members back home and turning these discoveries into tangible design decisions

About the presenters:

Artefact ( is a design consultancy that works with a variety of high-tech consumer electronics, communications, and computer software clients to research user needs and design breakthrough software and technology products. Since 2006, Artefact has partnered with major industry players like Microsoft, Intel, Panasonic, Apple, SONOS, and John L. Scott Real Estate to deliver innovation to mobile systems, gaming and entertainment systems (including xBox 360, SONOS Multi-Room Music Player), in-flight entertainment systems, natural user interfaces (Microsoft Surface), client applications (Microsoft WorldWide Telescope), and productivity solutions (Office Live). Artefact has earned industry recognition by winning awards from AIGA and I.D. magazine.

Masuma Henry brings many years of experience in researching emerging markets to her role as Artefact's User Experience Research Lead. In her pre-Artefact life, Masuma worked at Microsoft researching and designing products for customers in emerging markets such as India and China. She has done extensive field research in various countries studying shifting patterns of user behavior with a particular emphasis on the impact of environments, striving to understand how computer usage changes in public spaces and how different settings influence cell phone usage. She shares these discoveries with designers to create new user experiences for these underserved customers, in the hopes that better designed experiences will improve the quality of their lives.

As Senior Design Director at Artefact, Martijn Van Tilburg builds on 12 years of design experience in the corporate and consulting worlds, during which time he led multidisciplinary teams in designing consumer and enterprise software products for mobile, desktop, gaming, and the web. Prior to joining Artefact, Martijn designed the user experience for several products and features for Microsoft Office 2000, Office XP, Office 2003, and Office 2007. He later joined the Microsoft Windows team to lead the design of the Search, Organize, and Communications features of Windows Vista, as well as the user experience design of an innovative incubation product. Martijn's designs are experienced every day by hundreds of millions of people. He holds more than 10 design and utility patents for software products, with many more pending. He was recognized with a Gold Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA) in 2003 for his design work on future user experiences for Information Workers.

SKU Z8794
Author/Speaker/Editor Masuma Henry and Martijn Van Tilburg
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