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The Designer's Guide to Money DesignCast (introduction)

By Ilise Benun

Format: OnDemand DesignCast

SKU# W1958

Make a resolution to gain control of your professional finances in 2011! Are you satisfied with you're earning as a creative professional? Does talking budget with a client make you nervous? Do you worry that your hourly rate isn't too high ... or too low?

Ilise Benun gives an overview of the three main areas required for financial success with creative professionals in this OnDemand DesignCast including how to think about money, how to talk about money with clients, and how to manage your money.

SKU W1958
Author/Speaker/Editor Ilise Benun
File/Trim Size Approx. 1 hour
File Type MP4, WMV
Format OnDemand DesignCast
This DesignCast is the introduction to Take Control of Your Money: Financial Success for Creative Professionals Learning Series.

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