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HOW Designer Career Guide

By Terry Lee Stone, Julie Ann Sims, Doug Bartow, The Creative Group, Peg Faimon, Tim Lapetino, Armin Vit, Bryony Gomez-Palacio

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Whether you’re just starting out or have been in the design field for a while, it’s essential for you to nurture your career. This guide to design careers will help you navigate your path from portfolios to promotions to on-the-job issues.

Inside HOW's Design Career Guide You'll Find:

Design Career Lifecyle

There are 5 phases that designers pass through between design school and retirement. Discover where you are now.
by Terry Lee Stone

17 Design Pros Dish Their Best Career Advice

We asked 17 design pros to give young designers one piece of career advice.
by Terry Lee Stone

How Real-World Designers Plan to Grow Their Careers

Designers in various stages of their careers share how they plan to take their careers to the next level.
by Terry Lee Stone

Be a Career Maverick

Following are 4 calculated, creative ways to make unconventional career choices.
by Julie Ann Sims

29 Tips for Young Designers

There’s not a handbook for making the shift from design student to design professional, so Doug Bartow, principal of id29, offers 29 things he thinks all new designers need to know.
by Doug Bartow

How to Get Unstuck

Are you in a career rut? Here’s how to figure out what you need from your job and take action.
by Julie Ann Sims

How to Get Promoted

Scoring a promotion may be tough, but it’s not impossible if you follow these 4 new strategies.
by Julie Ann Sims

The 90-Day Plan

Transitioning from hands-on designer to manager is a tough career shift. Following is a primer on how to succeed during your first three months.
by Julie Ann Sims

Focus at Work

If you find that your work is often derailed, use these tips to help you get back on track.
by The creative Group

Basics of Effective Time Management

As a design professional, good time management skills are critical.
by Peg Faimon

5 Sticky Office Scenarios

Here, 4 experts share how not to become unglued when sticky work scenarios strike.
by Julie Ann Sims

How to Deal With a Bad Boss

Following are three of the most common types of bad managers along with strategies for how to deal with a bad boss.
by The Creative Group

Beat the Overqualified Rap

Here are 4 concerns hiring mangers have when a candidate’s qualifications exceed the requirements, and tips for overcoming them.
by Julie Ann Sims

Conquer Your Fear of Writing

Here are 10 tips that will help you move past your fear of using words.
by Tim Lapetino

Flaunt Your Work

Learn what kind of portfolio you need, what to include and how to best present your work.
by Armin Vit & Bryony Gomez-Palacio

Staying Fresh

Use continuting education and professional develpment to stay current and inspired.
by Peg Faimon

SKU U5759
Author/Speaker/Editor Terry Lee Stone, Julie Ann Sims, Doug Bartow, The Creative Group, Peg Faimon, Tim Lapetino, Armin Vit, Bryony Gomez-Palacio
File Type PDF
Format Collection
ISBN 13 9781440331367

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Design Career Guide

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