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Web & Graphic Design Articles

Getting started in web or graphic design, or advancing your skills as a designer, takes time, effort...and guidance! The editors of HOW & Print Magazine are here to help provide that guidance whether you're a design student, in-house designer, freelance designer, or own your own design firm.


web design tutorial

Take a Web Design Workshop Today!


When was the last time you took a graphic or web design tutorial? What about a logo design tutorial or a typography design tutorial. Maybe it's time to freshen up your skills or to learn something new!

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Branding Strategy

Branding Strategy: Learn Tips & Secrets from the Pros


What is brand strategy? Brand strategy is a plan used across multi-media platforms that communicate a message to the consumer. The message can be direct or indirect. The goal is stand out in the marketplace, be top of mind for a specific product space and make the consumer feel great about his or her choice of the brand/product.

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typography inspiration

Typography Inspiration: Be Inspired to Yell "I Love Topography"


If you have a reverence for typography design and you just can’t seem to get enough of typography fonts or typography art, you will find this article an indispensable reference guide and starting point for learning all you can about the world of typography.

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graphic design inspiration, best graphic design, graphic design ideas

Graphic Design Inspiration: Ideas for Success


Even the best graphic design can and has been turned down. Sure you can see the brilliance in your graphic design project ideas, but your client isn’t anywhere near getting it. If you want to stay in business, you have to come up with graphic design samples so out of your comfort zone that may send a chill up your spin.

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graphic design courses, web design courses, online graphic design courses

Graphic Design Courses: Learn How to Design for the Web


Designers are now taxed with learning more ways to engage audiences and none can escape the long arm of invention. Graphic design courses are now including segments on web design and mobile apps. Many of the online graphic design courses make digital web technologies an important segment in their curriculum.

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infographic desing, how to make infographics, creating infographics, good infographics

Designer Series: Creating Infographics


Infographics inspiration is not hard to find. In fact, great infographics are permanent fixtures on Pinterest, getting pinned so often the lifecycle of information can conceivably be years. Creating infographics begins with data, and good infographics not only communicate information in a logical order, they should also be visually commanding in order to effectively make the desired point with audiences!

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complementary color scheme, web color schemes

Complementary Color Scheme: The Science Behind Color Scheme Design


As children, we put together colors that we like, without any sense of color scheme design or building upon an already established complementary color scheme. But as designers, it’s essential to develop color scheme ideas for all platforms using an online color palette.

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Graphic design software/programs

Best Graphic Design Software for Graphic and Web Designers


What used to take a pool of artists weeks to complete, can now be created in hours using any number of graphic design software. Within minutes a design can be cropped, duplicated, colored, resized and integrated into several web design programs.

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Brand identity, branding

Designing Brand Identity for Today and the Future


The process of design branding goes beyond a symbol or a name. Branding and design must create a visual trigger that seeds the mind and, within seconds provides a laundry list of positive attributes that are inferred. The first introduction to the brand may very well determine customer support or disdain...

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html font color codes

Understanding HTML Font Color Codes


Color is vital in communicating your message and brand to your audience. When designing your website or next webpage, remember visitors are typically engaged, interacting with images and content. As a designer it’s crucial to create an atmosphere online, or an experience if you will, that’s initially prompted by color and appeal. This makes the need to understand font color codes extremely important.

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convert cmyk to pantone

How to Convert CMYK to Pantone


Knowing how to convert Pantone to CMYK or, alternatively, convert CMYK to Pantone is an essential task for any graphic designer. Your firm's clients, or in-house colleagues, count on your ability to provide proper color branding based on predetermined style guides. Converting CMYK to Pantone, unfortunately, is not an exact science, but this article helps demystify the process with a few handy products.

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pantone color guides

Pantone Color Guides Explained


Color is big business in the world of graphic design. Not only has color been proven to affect a person’s mood or activate purchasing behavior, color trend forecasting also determines fashion, home décor and furniture products months before each season. Pantone color trends are a big part of the research. In this article, discover the many tools and guides available to assist your graphic design needs.

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