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Creative Strategy and the Business of Design Independent Study Workshop

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If you’re a professional designer, you know what it’s like to lose creative battles. Design and marketing have changed from a purely idea-centric field, to one that has to provide creative business solutions. Marketers now hold agencies and designers accountable for their creative ideas, and as a result, success is measured in conversions and marketing ROI. The creative who understands the business of design is king (or queen). In this workshop, Douglas Davis will teach you how to integrate business considerations into your creative strategies. Learn how you can play a role in the conversations that usually happen before and after a brief is dropped on your desk. If you know how to participate in that dialogue, your work will be more closely aligned with the needs of the client and their business.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • The role of a creative in a business and marketing context
  • How to define and know your target audience
  • How to identify primary objectives and deliver the right message
  • How to connect the audience to a brand
  • How to develop a brief that’s worth something

Who should take this workshop:

  • Agency designers
  • In-house managers
  • Creative freelancers

Workshop Outline:

LESSON 1: Strategy and execution
LESSON 2: The brand and the target
LESSON 3: Concept and strategy
LESSON 4: Discernment and judgment

These workshops are self-guided, "offline" versions of our online workshops at HOW U. You receive the same curriculum and supplemental materials, but you do the work completely on your own, making them an ideal choice for students who truly want to work at their own pace.

In contrast to our online workshops, where class is "in session" for a specified period of time, there's no set time line for an independent study class, you could approach it as an intensive crash course, pick it up on weekends over several months, or whatever works best for you.

SKU U1906
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