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Creative Exercise Value Pack

The Ultimate Creative Collection

Format: Collection

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Just like your body needs exercise to keep it healthy and functioning at it's peak; your brain needs a creative exercise to keep it sharp. This collection of exercises will challenge you to think outside your normal process and to use materials differently. Some of the exercises for you to do by yourself and others are for groups, but all the exercises will awaken creative thoughts and inspire.

SKU U4665
Format Collection

The Creative Exercises Value Pack includes:

Creative Workshop Creative Workshop: 80 Challenges to Sharpen Your Design Skills
Within these pages, you'll find 80 creative challenges that will help you achieve a breadth of stronger design solutions, in various media, within any set time period. Exercises range from creating a typeface in an hour to designing a paper robot in an afternoon to designing web pages and other interactive experiences. RETAIL: $25.00

Recharge Your Design Batteries Creative Stuff
Exercise your imagination through interactive games and challenges, sharpen your brainpower with puzzles and brain teasers, and find inspiration when you need it most! This workbook will jumpstart creativity and brainstorming for visual thinkers—you know who you are! Every page will stimulate the senses and get those creative juices flowing fast and furious. RETAIL: $25.99

Graphic Design Exercise Book Graphic Design Exercise Book
The Graphic Design Exercise Book is a must-have addition to any designer's bookshelf, prompting personal projects, new experiences, and revamped portfolios. It provides a series of challenging design briefs that reignite a designer's creativity while also imparting new skills. Whatever their age or experience, graphic designers like to be creatively challenged, and may also want to broaden their skill-base in order to break into new and lucrative areas of the design industry. RETAIL: $29.99

Using Brainstorming Methods: Creative Bootcamp Part 1 (OnDemand DesignCast) Using Brainstorming Methods:
Creative Bootcamp Part 1 (OnDemand DesignCast)

Being creative on demand is, well, demanding. Sometimes the ideas won't flow without a little extra prodding of the brain cells. If the idea of being creative under a deadline seems scary, this webinar will provide designers with a toolbox of brainstorming methods they can start using right away in their daily work. They will help you kick-start creative thoughts within a matter of minutes. RETAIL: $69.00

Creative Grab Bag Creative Grab Bag: Inspiring Challenges for Designers, Illustrators and Artists
Creative Grab Bag is a collection of work from artists, illustrators and designers from around the world. Author Ethan Bodnar created over 30 unique tasks and gave each contributor a task that was different from their typical work. The book contains images of each artist's creative task, typical work, and a biography and short reflection on the creative process. RETAIL: $25.00

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