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An Illustrated Journey

Well, here we are in the cold long wintery month of February. This time of year I always start thinking about traveling somewhere warm… or maybe just somewhere different. And the latest offering from HOW Books is making me feel that itch even more.

An Illustrated Journey, by Danny Gregory (author of the popular An Illustrated Life) is a collection of essays and images from an assortment of talented artists, illustrators and designers who share their thoughts on travel sketching. If you’re looking to be inspired, then look no further. These artists will definitely make you want to pack your bags (and your pencils) and visit some exotic locale or another.

The artists share tips, insights from their travels, and suggestions for your travel art kit. If you’re looking for ideas for a design project, the book is great for finding inspiration in the world around you. If you just need to get out of your head for a bit, the book is also a great read for the armchair traveler—plus you’ll get great ideas for sketching during your next adventure.

An Illustrated Journey
by Danny Gregory
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