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A 4-Step Guide to Content Marketing

By Ilise Benun

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You'll Love This Download If:

  • You’re not sure what content marketing is or if you should be doing it
  • You desperately want to give your firm or personal brand more exposure
  • You want to be seen as a trusted expert in your field

In this download from HOW’s September issue, marketing guru Ilise Benun teaches you how to content market your personal brand or design firm effectively. There are many ways to send the wrong message when attempting to market your content, but this guide will help you learn all the right moves in four easy steps. And the best part is you won’t have to produce nearly as much content as you think! Download this single to get started.

In A 4-Step Content Marketing Guide You'll Find:

  • Advice on whether content marketing can work for you
  • How to send the right message to potential clients without working 24/7

Have you noticed that it takes a lot more these days to get high-quality projects and clients with adequate budgets? One reason is increased competition, which means you now must do a lot more to stand out. Another reason is increased clutter. This makes standing out more of a challenge.

Additionally, your clients are under more pressure than ever to deliver results, and they can’t afford to take a risk when buying creative services. They must find a firm they can trust, and that trust is either transferred when you’re recommended through word of mouth, which you can’t control, or earned through marketing, which you can control.

SKU T1070
Author/Speaker/Editor Ilise Benun
File Type PDF
Format Download

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