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3 Interactive Designers You Need to Know

By Karli Petrovic

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You'll Love This Download If:

  • You want to learn how to pull audiences into your narrative
  • You want to turn your interactive storytelling into something more
  • You want to learn more about pushing the boundaries of interactive storytelling

In this download from Print magazine’s October 2013 issue, Karli Petrovic takes you on a journey with 3 mind-blowing interactive designers who have taken the art of storytelling to a whole new dimension.

In 3 Interactive Designers You Need to Know You'll Find:

  • Get inside stories of 3 interactive storytelling designers
  • Insights on how to take your interactive storytelling to the next level

The oft-used tool of storytelling is just as likely to incite warm and fuzzy feelings in consumers as it is to turn a simple illustration into a clever conversation piece. In fact, many great designs begin as stories just waiting to be told.

It is one thing for designers to construct a narrative for the audience, but is quite another to create something that enables and encourages the audience to add to the narrative. From a web project that aggregates data to report on human emotions to a larger-than-life digital exhibition of an interactive ecosystem, Jonathan Harris and Design I/O’s Theodore Watson and Emily Gobeille are producing some mind-blowing sagas. This is story of how these three creative structure stories, overcome obstacles and foresee the future of interactive design.

SKU T1075
Author/Speaker/Editor Karli Petrovic
File Type PDF
Format Download

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